Life from death .jpg

This painting of a dying red rose represents health, growth, and the choice to move forward to new beginnings. The rose is dying with the bud of a new flower growing next to it simultaneously to show the intension of moving forward and putting the past to rest.


second chance.jpg

Second Chance portrays adapting and thriving to new chapters and making the most of new beginnings. it relates to accepting change and understanding that fears of a new direction can be overcome. The contrast of the pink rose against the background suggests energy and life to embrace this part of the journey. I have tried to make the impression that this new rose is the new life you see emerging as the rose bud in Life From Death.


Unseen Desire.jpg

This is a vision of something yet to be seen. Like a dream of life to be shared. I have captured the two fuchsias together in an image that suggests unity and strength as they intwine one another. It is knowing what has been set in motion and the thought of what it could be.


IMG_0277 (2).JPG

This is a commission I painted to capturer the beauty and character of this young girl. It was important for me to paint an expression of her personality that really connects with the viewer.



This painting of this dog called Shep was painted for a commission. There is a great sense of presence from the dog in the way it comes forward into the light

Commission of a pub